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What we’re doing:

We are a group of creative students that had a dream to open a school and make that a reality for our community. We now have a campaign to create zero waste in our community with our teachers and students. The goal of this project is to inspire environmental responsibility within our coastal community by reducing waste and to decrease negative impact on our marine ecosystem.  We are doing this because we want to increase the well-being of our coastal environment.

What we’re asking:

We are asking for your participation in these ways-

  1. Click on this link to take the survey.

  2. Commit a pledge for improving your ecological-footprint.

  3. Share this flier and this survey with everyone you know.

  4. Please attend our gathering that we have on the 12th of October at 4 pm- 7 pm


Kudos and thank you to the businesses that lead by example and are helping to reduce our community’s waste.

The Juice Jar in Corolla

Locally owned and operated, the Juice Jar composts, use their own ingredients from their garden, use compost-able cups and straws, and encourage health!


Furnishings, espresso, and home goods that are eco-friendly, reusable, and made from sustainable materials.

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The Fresh Market

The Fresh Market is a Eco-friendly store that produces reusable and compostable products