A free, K-8, public charter school in Corolla, NC

MISSION: Water’s Edge Village School provides local education to its isolated coastal community, a place rich in natural resources and environmentally-focused organizations. Galvanized by a diverse community of people deeply invested in the success of a local school and grounded in partnerships with children and families, WEVS provides a rigorous, child-centered learning environment. Leadership principles and an academically challenging, integrated, hands-on curriculum empower students by instilling a sense of social and environmental responsibility while nurturing both body and mind.

The Water's Edge Village School (WEVS - pronounced "waves") is a public, K-8, accredited charter school in Corolla, NC.  We just finished a wonderful 5th year with 3 highly qualified teachers, one masters level special education coordinator, and one special ed aide who have all been working with the community and the board to put together year-long journey of learning complete with a "navigation" project-based theme.

We will welcome our first 8th grade class this year and be capped at maximum of 36 students. We will have 4 full time teachers, one of whom will serve as a special education coordinator, and an aide.

We are in the midst of deciding whether to grow past 8th grade.  Stay tuned!

WEVS encourages all students to explore their emerging strengths and potential through active participation in the learning process. A challenging, project-based education following the Common Core Curriculum guides students on a path of life-long learning.

WEVS does not discriminate on any basis, including race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation or expression or disability for hiring or enrollment for purposes of hiring and enrollment.

Our board of directors meets monthly at 2pm at the Corolla Public Library on the first Wednesday of every month.  The meetings are public and all are welcome.  Summertime meetings  (July, and August) are held at the schoolhouse. 

Join us in educating for a lifetime!

Thank you for your support!