Water’s Edge Village School’s Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP)

 Water’s Edge Village School continually strives to improve. The WEVS Board of Directors (BOD) and teachers monitor improvement with input from students, parents, volunteers, and the wider school community. North Carolina legislation mandates that every school’s community must work together to encourage, define, and monitor improvement goals and strategies. As a result, WEVS maintains a published, fluid plan with overarching goals that keep WEVS true to its mission and vision while working to meet the needs of the community, and it incorporates active input from representatives, both elected and appointed, from each of the stakeholder teams of WEVS. These representatives meet regularly throughout the year to review and act on the plan and its goals.

SIP TEAM 2019-2020

  • Board President-Meghan Agresto

  • Treasurer Bryan Daggett

  • Curriculum Committee Susan Taylor

  • Instructional Committee Lead Sylvia Wolff

  • Instructional Committee member Liz Fennimore

  • Subcontracted employee Kathy Scott

  • Parent k/1 Erin Price

  • Parent 2-4 Brittany Finch

  • Parent 5-8 Kerri Engley

  • Community Member Partner Karen Clark

  • Volunteer open

Next meeting: Thursday, 4:30pm, November 7, 2019. Parents, please contact your grade representative with input.